hiring a designer help for women in business | seeing beautyIf you’re new to your business or a die hard DIY-er, you’ve probably wondered if you’re at the stage that you should hire a designer and make that investment in your work. The short answer? If you’re wondering about it, you’re probably at that stage. But since there are so many determining factors involved, let’s talk about when you should consider hiring a designer.


You don’t have the skills

I’m starting with this point, not just because it’s the most obvious, but because it’s probably the most important one to be noted. If you just don’t have any talent for design- no sense of color or style when it comes to branding and you don’t care to learn, this is not an area to fake it until you make it. People are visual and what they see will be their first impression of you and your business. Don’t underwhelm them with unreadable business cards or busy website graphics that don’t portray you or your brand.


You just don’t like designing

This goes hand in hand with not faking it ‘til you make it. If you don’t like designing things for your business, it probably shows in the designs you’re creating. Take the stress out of what is a mundane job for you and let a designer really help your brand shine!


You don’t have the time

Let’s say you’re trying to spend time learning and improving upon your craft. You’re a painter making one of a kind pieces and you want them to be fabulous. Youre a yoga instructor and you want to deepen your practice. You need to spend time working on your own projects, working on new techniques and honing your style. You don’t want to be wasting time learning a new design software or figuring out which font is right for you! You might do an okay job at it, but it will have taken a good chunk of your precious time.


You’re Ready to “Go Pro”

You’ve been movin’ and groovin’ for a while with your craft and you’re ready to take it up a notch and go after those customers who both value and are easily able to pay for your work. You’ve spent enough time to know who you are within your business and who your ideal customer is. Now, you’re ready to look polished and professional! This is the best time to hire a designer because you know what you want and will be able to convey it to co-create a rocking brand for your business.


Think about these things when hiring a designer:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What does your business and it’s overall brand stand for?
  • What are your goals for hiring a designer?

Design Guide to find your perfect designer by Megan Ronecker Getting clear on these questions will help you find the just right designer; and once you find them it will help them see your vision and know how to best help you!

Want to get this down perfect before you spend the money on hiring someone? I created this Design Basics Guide for Creatives to help answer all your questions and save you lots of time and money!