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Transform the way you think about marketing.

Our course, Marketing for Creatives, combined with our Intro Course (included in this bundle) offers tools and exercises to help you ditch the “BS” to clearly and authentically share your creative work with the world.

Marketing for Creatives - Selling More Without Selling Out

What's your small biz sweet spot?
Stop looking outside for answers only you know! Our mini-course helps you uncover your 4P’s: Potential, Passion, Powers and Problems to develop the right business for YOU. Curious about whether or not there is profit in your passion? Let’s find out!

Small Business Success course by seeing beauty

SB101: Intro Course

Creative business? Start here!

This course guides you in a personal inventory of what you love, hate, and excel at. Whether you are thinking about starting something new or are ready to take your work to another level, this course will move you forward!



Is your creative work an expression of your core values and passions in life? Do you hate marketing “BS” but question whether or not it’s necessary to succeed? Real success comes from defining it for yourself! This dynamic bundle is full of heart and soul and made for creatives who are ready to transform how they feel about marketing their unique business. The Intro Course provides you with exercises to explore the artist/entrepreneur spectrum uncovering new insights about who you are and what unique talents you bring to your work.

Then we made a marketing course for people who don’t like marketing! Our course, Marketing for Creatives, guides you in: cultivating a value forward philosophy to make business decisions easier, using your passions to develop your ideal market, dissolving competition by getting in touch with your own uniqueness and communicating your message with convincing clarity to the world.

Your voice is the most important voice of all so if you are ready to transform the way you think about your business and goals, let’s dig in!

5 reviews for Marketing for Creatives

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Natalie Lipka, Actress & Professional Host (verified owner)

    What these ladies are doing is truly a gift! I loved the concept of outside-in vs inside-out marketing. It’s something I had encountered before, but this course explained it so well and helped me to solidify its practical uses in my mind. The opening exercise really grabbed me. It was very useful (and scary) to see what my workspace actually looks like. I learned alot about myself from this. Also, I really liked the extra credit (the nerd and social media enthusiast in me actually loved this) and the finding my values exercise. Oooo…and reading the stories was helpful for me- very inspirational. I would recommend this to anyone who, like me, is on the brink of starting a new small business. It’s a GREAT jumpstart!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Juliane Grossmann, Owner & Illustrator at Linienliebe

    Imagining my ideal clients was such a valuable part of this course for me.
    It gave me insight into how I see myself, how I wish my clients to be and
    how I want to do my work. I also enjoyed the personal stories. It is
    helpful to hear about other people’s experience in business because too
    often we assume everyone else is instantly successful and everything is
    easy for them. But in reality we all have struggles and fears. This course
    offered a good balance of personal and practical info and I learned a lot
    of new things about marketing myself and my business.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Meg Saxby, educator, therapist and consultant

    This was definitely the most intuitive, creative and fun marketing course I’ve ever done. I really don’t like marketing and selling myself is hard for me, but the exercises and perspective in this course were actually really useful. I felt like I came out with a better understanding of what my strengths are, to whom those strengths appeal and how I can communicate that in the simplest, most genuine way. Like all of Seeing Beauty’s work, it was very inside/out, and I liked that. I especially liked the exercise of observing your workspace. Very insightful!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pinelopi Sioni, Yoga Studio Owner

    I’ve always been scare of marketing seeing it as a mix of selling my beliefs and trying to out-compete people I admire. A strange way of shouting “I am better than you!” to anybody that will listen- an attitude I despise! This is why this course is so unique! It took me out of this mental framework in the gentlest yet smartest ways. I was able to trust in my uniqueness and in what I have to offer the world. I was able to change. Step by step I transformed not only my self confidence, but also my attitude about marketing and the way I can approach the public in a non aggressive way that I feel reflects who I am.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Valerie Adolff, Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method, body awareness training

    The marketing course was revealing to me, as it taught me not to take things for granted and instead to focus on my values and what I would love to express outwards to people. It brought clarity in an easy and playful way and showed me that marketing is not “having to sell your services”, but describing who you are and what you love to share with the world. Shaleah and Karina made this practical and simple, with short explanations that directed me out of the jungle of “marketing traps”!

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