2 Weeks to Better Biz Photos

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Attract ideal customers by taking better photos!

As a Creative, you ARE your brand- but if you're missing from every shot, you are probably just blending in with the crowd! This fun and effective course teaches you everything you need to know about sharing your brand (YOURSELF) with the world!

Change Your Lens: Equipment List

Equipment List to accompany the Change Your Lens photography ecourse.



Photography basics + personal branding help for introverted Creatives…

After years of working with small business founders and soloprenuers who don’t love being in the spotlight and after years of creating a successful portrait photography business as one of those Creatives who considers herself “Camera Shy”, Shaleah and Karina have teamed up to create a how-to guide that brings pleasure to the process of photographing your business. Keeping how busy you are in mind, each day of the two weeks is structured into clear, short and actionable lessons that should take 15-20 mins each. It’s a small investment in your business that will definitely garner big results!

Most artists, makers, wellness workers and Creative’s of all kinds would rather focus on what they create than on themselves. The idea of filling up social media with promotional head-shots makes many people uncomfortable and they end up avoiding it altogether. (Perhaps this is you?) But what if there was a way to connect with your audience without succumbing to an endless sea of selfies? What if there was a way to artfully illustrate how unique your world is by simply taking better photos? What if you could curate what you post to create the most outreach in your marketing returning the results of real conversations and real sales with your ideal market? There IS and you CAN- that’s why we made this course for you!

In this highly visual world, our photo skills are becoming increasingly important as we build our professional work. This course blends the artistic and the practical while easing your fears about putting yourself in the picture. Come along on this two week journey with us and change your lens!

2 reviews for 2 Weeks to Better Biz Photos

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ayanna Listenbee, Designer Ayanna Listenbee Collection

    This course was taught by women who know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in front of a camera, and it felt like talking to a friend who has discovered what works for her and is sharing the info. The tone, energy, delivery and visuals were spot on. You encouraged us to remain true to ourselves and challenged us to share our unique traits in different ways that were still unique to us. The course was fun, challenging and encouraging. I love that Karina shared her story, and how each lesson really helped us to bring out pieces of ourselves that we otherwise may not have shared. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to other introverts and people who are not comfortable taking pictures. I plan to do some of the exercises over again, as it is a good way to stockpile images to use at later dates!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tamesha Scott, Hairstylist + Founder Rose & Mary Natural Cosmetics

    By doing the daily Selfie challenges, for the first time in a minute, I got continuous responses to the posts. It’s like when there is consistency and a purpose- people respond! On average every post from the challenge quickly received 30+ likes.

    I totally recommend this course! I’ve had so much fun discovering my style and getting comfortable with promoting myself. I have a ways to go but I am a bit more secure in myself and my brand.

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