We made this for you.

This is for the artists. The makers. The dreamers turned doers. This is for the believers. The magic makers. The ones who wander but who aren’t lost.

You have something you were born to share with the world. You want to make the world a better place. But your spirit cannot be contained by a business plan. You are brave and you have questions, need support and crave genuine community.

We’re glad you’re here.

What's your small biz sweet spot?

Stop looking outside for answers only you know! Our mini-course helps you uncover your 4P’s: Potential, Passion, Powers and Problems to develop the right business for YOU. Curious about whether or not there is profit in your passion? Let’s find out!


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We wanted to share what we’ve learned.

We are Karina Louise and Shaleah Dawnyel and we both created successful businesses from scratch. After working as small business owners for several years we wanted to help other women in business on this life changing journey- inspiring each of us to do it our own way. We believe that knowing yourself is the first step to discovering your true purpose and creating your life’s most fulfilling work. So instead of just giving answers, this introductory course will help you ask better questions.


  • Why isn’t everyone built to run a small business?
  • Where do you fall on the artist-entrepreneur spectrum?
  • How can discovering your 4 P’s (Potential, Passion, Powers and Problems) help you to find your most sustainable business idea?


This course provided the kind of gut check that I so desperately needed! Its insights helped me outline my true desires as a small business owner and the exercises facilitated motion in areas where I was stagnating. I am really looking forward to further discovering myself and my brand!”

Tamesha Scott

Founder/Creator, Rose & Mary Herbal Skin Care

As an actress it has taken me a long time to discover my true self. I love how this course asked questions first instead of just giving answers. Through investigating who I am and what I want, I felt like this course was speaking to me personally. This new self-knowledge will definitely help me in my career!”

Natalie Lipka

Actress & Host of Hollywood Close-Up Podcast

An amazingly insightful tool! As a small business owner and women’s business coach I’ve found that the happiest people are those who choose lives—professionally and personally—that authentically match their inner desires. Shaleah and Karina have created a tool to help women find that match and continue on the road towards their best lives.”

Kate Bartolotta

Creative Wellness Coach & Cheerleader

I loved the opportunity to dive in, look inside myself and my business, and see just how aligned my ideas, passions, and proclivities really are. This course encouraged me to set aside the time for important reflection and validated me in a way that would have been much harder and taken much longer had I done it on my own.”

Melissa Camilleri

CEO and Founder of Compliment

There is no better advice than to ‘Ask Better Questions’. Seeing Beauty is a great tool to help you assess your ‘inner entrepreneur’.”

Heidi Richman

Serial Entrepreneur & CEO/Co-Founder, Future Content LLC

The course is full of great insights! It helps identify your strengths & weaknesses so you won’t get caught with your proverbial pants down. As entrepreneurs, our small businesses reflect who we are. These simple, effective exercises get you the info you need fast, so you can find the path that is right for YOU.”

Andrea Guevara

Brand Strategist & Owner, Lucky 19 | Writer

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We Believe In You

We think people with purpose are more likely to positively impact the world. Being an entrepreneur can be both empowering and challenging. It’s normal to feel lonely and sometimes overwhelmed by all the conflicting resources out there competing for your time, money and allegiance. Through practical resources and inspirational support, Seeing Beauty exists to encourage women to follow their instincts to realize their unique potential.

We believe that your voice is the most important voice and if you can hear that voice clearly, you can accomplish every beautiful thing you wish. We would love to help.